3 March 2016

If you are interested…


We can grow together.

Soonapse is an nnovative startup, founded in 2015. We are very much open to ideas and cooperation.
There are differnt ways in which you can work with us:


  • Invest in research
    In Italy, the DM R&S del 27 maggio 2015 allows you to stipulate a research contract with us, to sustain our R&D costs.
    If you choose this form of investmet, here in Italy, tehere will be a 50% tax credit and you will benefit from our innovations as well.


  • Become partner
    We are constanly looking for IoT partners, to develop new projects and create new business opportunities.
  • If you are a retailer, and you are interested in our services, let’s get in touch and discuss how we can cooperate. We will find a win-win way to make our businesses grow together.


  • Book your service and anticipate the market
    Want to surprise your market and study a custom-made intelligent and exclusive service with Soonapse?
    Call us now, we are ready.