3 March 2016

The concept



Predict and make decisions: that’s how you do business.


As for many aspects of life, predicting a possible risk is always a good thing, but it’s not enough to avoid it.  Just as to identify an opportunity is not the same as to take it. In both cases, it’s essential to make the right decisions and operate in a preventive way to reach the goal. The Internet of Things is extending out view of business: risks and opportunities are more clear, numerous and with a “real time” speed never seen before.
We need to be ready to make very fast decisions, but we even need to be sure that these decisions coincide with our strategies and our goals.

Decision support

Soonapse offers the first Decision Support System designed specifically for the Internet of Things, that connects the knowledge of domain (the informations taken from a context), the events (the IoT data taken from sensors, drones, satellites, etc…) and the forecasts (previsions, trends, etc…); that evaluates interrelations, dependences,
criticality, consequences and prices, using a rule system in continue evolution; and then it defines a strategy, creating the plan of actions most appropriate to the context. A plan that is automatically updated, in real time, in case of modifications of the forecasts or in case of unexpected events.

To sum up

If your goal is to maximize results, you can now rely on our Decision Support System: you can act now and constantly in time, reduce risks to the minimum and get the most out of your resources.