3 March 2016

About us

The innovation in decision support

Soonapse is a start-up born thanks to its founders’ great experience, with an innovative Vision based on many research projects, both Italian and European, and on the deep involvement the Open Source, the forge of international collaborative experimentation where all the technologies and the methods that today make the Internet the encompassing experience we know so well are born.

We use this widespread knowledge to create new architectures, reducing the time and the charges needed to develop the code and shifting the bigger part of this new “intelligence” on the date itself, understood as a constitutive element of ontologies and rules, significantly approaching the solution to the context in which it will be applied.

We work on the knowledge of the single domain, no one of our solution will be the same of another, even in the same sector, because it will be based on data and rules taken from the specific context


Marco Ciarletti

ICT professional with over 25 years of experience.
Business Developer, Project manager, Business Analyst.
Founder of RIOS – Italian Open Source Network.








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One of Italy’s first software houses expert in digital Knowledge Management, from distance learning to open data management.
Since 2000 it has been using and releasing Open Source software only.

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Since 2005, it has been implementing software to support the management processes of companies operating in the upper end of the market, assisting them in their development, designing and adapting solutions to manage the challenge of change and increase competitiveness.

La cosa.


LA COSA is a group of companies that implements your Communication, Show, Entertainment and Media projects: professional systems, experienced operators and a reliable management at your service, to meet every deadline.

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Production and Work Cooperative that provides services for the development of information and assistance systems based on Open Source software for service and manufacturing companies and local authorities that want to get the best out of current ICT technologies.