3 March 2016

The method

The whole is greater…

The Decision Support Systems (DSS) that now can be found on the market work on analytic bases, using statistic instruments to provide a responsive answer: what is the action needed now. In complex context such as the Smart Cities, security, the human behaviour, but even agriculture and other economical sections, this answer may not be adjusted or sufficient, because it doesn’t consider the evolution of the entire context during te time, mostly in the sceneries where the resources are limited.

Our choice of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and semantic technologies, allows us to define behaviour strategies, action plans, which cover the entire “sensitive” time frame for the specific context.

Usually the first action suggested by our system is already different from the only one suggested by a reactive DSS, because our true answer is in the combination of the actions distribuited in the time needed.


To sum up

We give more, because are able to plan down-to-earth specific actions, per each context, and  almost all the times what our systems tells you to do as the first step is different from what a reactive kind of system would tell you as the ONLY action to make.
So, the whole is tangibly greater that the sum of its parts. And the most effective answer is the combination of multiple actions, planned for the necessary time.