Soonapse will participate in REGENERATION, as part of EU AgriFood Week, promoted by the Future Food Institute, in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Italy.

REGENERATION will be held May 20-23 in Pollica, a UNESCO Emblematic Community of the Mediterranean Diet hosting event series on World Biodiversity Day.

Four days of meetings, seminars, and workshops on the theme of Integral Ecological Regeneration, gathering experts from around the world to share visions and best practices, and spread the opportunities and actions that NEXT GENERATION EU is putting in place to regenerate Europe.

Events cover a diverse range of topics including including soil, biodiversity, water, energy, technology, supply chains, food loss and waste, health and wellness, tourism, youth, women, and culture.

Soonapse CEO Marco Ciarletti will participate on the 21st in the panel Bridging the Digital Divide in Agriculture, coordinated by Peter Kruger – Founder Agri-Food Tech Italia along with Matteo Vanotti- Founder & CEO, Xfarm, Maria Luisa Cinquerrui – Administrator Smartisland, Giovanni Chiolo – Head of Operations, Smartisland, and Paolo Iasevoli – Evja, Marketing Director and co-founder.