Soonapse accelerates with Foodseed

Soonapse was selected from over 250 applications by Foodseed, the Foodtech accelerator of the CDP Venture Capital National Network that aims to promote excellence and innovation in the Italian agrifood industry.

After a six-month acceleration process with Eatable Adventures, on 13 November we presented our proposal at the Demo Day in Verona, where, in addition to CDP Venture Capital and Eatable Adventures, the Fund’s co-investors, Fondazione Cariverona and UniCredit, the corporate partners Amadori, Cattolica Business Unit of Generali Italia, Axxelera and Veronafiere, and the scientific partner University of Verona were present.

Among the main media outlets that talked about Demo Day and us:

Food Entrepreneurs

Water stress and water waste: Soonapse to the rescue

Amidst climate change, water waste, and the lack of innovative means to help farmers understand soil health, the agricultural sector seeks assistance. Soonapse, a startup based in Rome, has developed the first Decision Support System (DSS) specifically designed for IoT. This Dual AI system interprets climate change and provides forecasts with 99% accuracy, enabling farmers to optimize water usage and more. By combining contextual information with events (data collected from sensors, drones, and satellites) and predictions, Soonapse can predict water conditions in any soil/crop for the next 5 days. This involves Smart or Precision Irrigation, a predictive model that considers all crops, offering advice on the best cultivation based on seasonality. Currently, no technology guarantees this level of precision. With experience in the wine sector, Soonapse is extending its technologies to serve oenologists, allowing them to improve production quality through agricultural process control.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Agen Food

la Repubblica Cdp Venture capital premia sette startup italiane che innovano l’industria agroalimentare – la Repubblica

The Map Report

The acceleration is only just beginning, ‘stay tuned’!