Adopting Ploovium® is even easier for BPL customers

Banca Popolare del Lazio has chosen Ploovium as an instrument of innovation excellence for its customers, and has established a special credit formula to fully finance the adoption of Ploovium and the software devices necessary for its operation.

The agricultural entrepreneurs of Lazio, today have one more instrument for the adoption of Ploovium, the software for monitoring the water behavior of the soil that offers a level of precision above 99% in its 5-day forecasts.
The special credit plan established by BPL, in fact, proposes an exclusive financing formula for the customers, which adds to the benefits already offered by the RDPs, so that the adoption of a technological solution of excellence is truly accessible to all entrepreneurs agricultural, very quickly.

Essential both in the open field and in the greenhouse to plan irrigation times and quantities with extreme precision, Ploovium makes it possible to save from 30 to 50% of water, also optimizing yields and crop quality.
Ploovium is the optimal solution even for those who use water stress as a production technique. This is the case of the qualty wine producers, for example, where extreme precision in irrigation makes the difference both in the vineyard and in the cellar. In the same way Ploovium proves to be indispensable in crops in which an optimized irrigation is indispensable for obtaining larger-sized fruits (as in the case of kiwis for example) or made more than doubled

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