Innovation in viticulture with Ploovium®

Viticulture, when innovation fights the consequences of climate change.

Wineries increasingly have to contend with summer heat waves, spring frosts and dry summers dotted with water bombs. To continue producing quality wines, it is necessary to innovate, as the Arnaldo Caprai Company has done.

This is the beginning of the interview by Mattia Dell’Orto (head of the Research and Development department of Arnaldo Caprai) in Agronotizie of July 5, 2021

Caprai is one of our first customers, we started studying together the application of Ploovium® to their vineyards immediately after the last edition of EIMA, when Ploovium® was still a prototype, but Mattia immediately understood the advantage it could offer them.

The vision of Mattia and Marco Caprai was far-sighted: we installed Ploovium® almost two years ago, when they still didn’t have an irrigation system, and they used it to study the water behavior of their vineyard / soil systems, to then analyze the data and design the most suitable irrigation system for their needs.

Arnaldo Caprai ( is one of the Italian (and not only …) wineries of excellence. In Montefalco he played a leading role in the enhancement of Sagrantino di Montefalco, which has grown in a few years from a local wine to an award-winning international brand thanks also to Caprai’s investments in research.



We are proud to be part of this research system, of this attention to the evolution of climate change, of this continuous desire to offer the best quality product to their customers.

Climate change is there for all to see, in the last 20 years two thirds of summers have been “the hottest ever”, but each season was different from the others, with combinations of heat and humidity that were sometimes deadly for the vineyards. Acting globally is the responsibility of supranational bodies, but the local adoption of adaptive systems such as Ploovium®, as Caprai does, it allows not only to face climate change by reducing the risks for crops and reducing costs and use of resources, but to have tools capable of “listening” and preventing the needs of the vineyard.

Thanks to its patented predictive system, Ploovium® optimizes irrigation interventions while always keeping the vineyard safe by minimizing the effects of climate change in the short term. It also allows the precise and real-time monitoring of the water stress of the vineyard, providing the agronomists and oenologists of Caprai with precious information to calibrate the stress level according to the desired quality of the grapes at the time of harvest, thus also optimizing the subsequent operations of cellar.

Thanks to Mattia Dell’orto and Marco Caprai for their trust and for mentioning us in the interview.